I am a California admitted attorney since June 2007. I also have six years of legal experience in South Africa. Since my California admission, my practice has focused on estate planning, trust administration, and probate matters. I have been a solo practitioner since August 2013. My practice is me, myself, and I, and my dog, Kippie.

I have prepared estate planning portfolios for single and married persons; assisted clients in trust administration matters at first and second death. My probate law experience ranges from simple probates, probating assets where there has been an ineffective beneficiary designation to a complex, litigious, and ongoing probate. 

My experience has afforded me the opportunity to meet a wide range of people and assist them in creating a customized estate plan. This requires me to use my communication skills and ability to make people feel at ease to discuss difficult and sensitive topics. I am well able to translate legalese and assist people in dealing with the loss of a loved one or the loss of capacity and the resulting legal and personal issues which result therefrom. I am skilled at listening to people and seeking to align their goals and interests to achieve a sustainable solution. 

My practice is focused on matters where there is no litigation or disputes between parties.


Meet Kippie, the newest addition to our law firm! With a name that means “little boy”, Kippie brings a youthful energy and enthusiasm to our team as our esteemed Office Assistant.

Despite his lack of legal training, Kippie is an invaluable member of our team, helping out on all cases handled at the firm. Whether it’s fetching documents, greeting clients, or simply providing some much-needed stress relief during a long day of legal wrangling, Kippie is always there to lend a paw.

With his boundless energy and love for play, Kippie keeps our office morale high and ensures that we never take ourselves too seriously. So if you ever find yourself at our law firm, don’t be surprised if you’re greeted by a friendly little dog named Kippie.