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Nerisha Soodeehul

I am a California admitted attorney since June 2007. I also have six years of legal experience in South Africa. Since my California admission, my practice has focused on estate planning, trust administration, and probate matters.


I have prepared estate planning portfolios for single and married persons; assisted clients in trust administration matters at first and second death. My probate law experience ranges from simple probates, probating assets where there has been an ineffective beneficiary designation to a complex, litigious, and ongoing probate. 


My experience has afforded me the opportunity to meet a wide range of people and assist them in creating a customized estate plan. This requires me to use my communication skills and ability to make people feel at ease to discuss  difficult and sensitive topics. I am well able to translate legalese and assist people in dealing with the loss of a loved one or the loss of capacity and the resulting legal and personal issues which result therefrom. I am skilled at listening to people and seeking to align their goals and interests to achieve a sustainable solution. 

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